Business Meeting Agenda

Saturday, Apr 13, 2024

9:00 Call to order

9:05 Credentials Committee reports on the Temporary Roll

9:15 State Chair introduces temporary officers of the Convention

9:20 Opening Ceremonies

9:30 Credentials Committee report and adoption of the permanent roll

9:35 Nomination and election of permanent officers of the Convention

9:45 Bylaws Committee report

11:30 Lunch recess

1:00 Reconvene

1:05 Call to order for PM session

1:10 In Memoriam

1:20 Recognition of Lifetime Members

1:25 Bylaws Committee Report continued

1:50 Nomination and election of candidates for public office

3:20 Nomination and election of state party officers

4:30 Senate District (SD) caucuses to elect SLEC reps

5:00 Evening Recess

Sunday, Apr 14, 2024

9:00 Call to Order

9:05 Credentials Committee report

9:10 Nomination and election of Judicial Committee

10:10 Senate District (SD) caucuses submit minutes and report new SLEC reps

10:20 Nomination and election of delegates and alternates to the national convention

11:30 Lunch Recess

1:00 Reconvene

1:05 Call to Order for PM session

1:10 Platform Committee report

3:20 Nomination and election of Presidential Electors

4:20 Other business

4:30 Acceptance speeches (if any) by certain nominees for public office

5:00 Adjourn sine die

(New SLEC meets immediately following)