Training and Forms

This page provides access to downloadable files assembled by the LPTexas 2024 Credentials Committee. The training documents and convention form templates are primarily directed at leaders of County Affiliates to facilitate smooth and valid conventions. That said, anyone is welcome to review these materials to learn about the convention process, especially if you are interested in participating and becoming a delegate!

New or revised files may be added in the future, so please revisit this page closer to convention dates to ensure you have access to the latest information!

NOTICE: While extensive efforts were made to deliver accurate information, these documents do not provide legal advice. For official advice on current election laws, contact the Texas Secretary of State, Elections Division: 1-800-252-8683


Training Materials

These guides and presentations contain overviews of the entire convention process, including Precinct, County, District, State, and even National! Detailed instructions are provided that cover the requirements for hosting local conventions.


Convention Forms

The documents in this online folder are provided for use in the 2024 conventions at the Precinct, County, and District levels. With some exceptions, files are numbered in the general order that they may be used chronologically. Please start with the “README” file for additional details!