Presidential Elector Interest

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V.d.9. Election of Presidential Electors.
i. The State Convention in a Presidential election year shall elect a number of Presidential
Elector candidates equal to the total number of United States Senators and
Representatives to which the state is at that time entitled under law.
ii. Any Voting Member of the Party who does not hold any office of profit or trust under the
United States shall be eligible to be a Presidential Elector candidate.
iii. If for any reason the State Convention cannot or does not select Presidential Elector
candidates, Presidential Elector candidates shall be chosen by the SLEC.
iv. Each Presidential Elector candidate shall file with the State Chair a written affidavit
attesting to his or her intention to support the Party’s Presidential and Vice Presidential
nominees. Should any Presidential Elector candidate fail to file such affidavit within a
reasonable time, he or she shall be subject to removal and replacement by the SLEC.